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What we are offering

Insurance that covers all your needs

Fleet Insurance

Protect your group of ships, vehicles, or aircrafts all under a single policy and ownership.

Property Insurance

Get coverage for residential and commercial properties against multiple risks. Insure them under open perils and named perils.

Liability Insurance

Business owners, independent professionals, and self-employed, safeguard yourselves against negligence by various stakeholders. Not limited to legal costs and payouts.

Aviation Insurance

Enhance your aerospace, airport, airline, and aircraft protection, including elements of the aviation network. The perfect insurance for safeguarding operators, passengers, and aircraft owners.

Agricultural Insurance

Ensure that your crops and livestock are covered against damage, especially from natural disasters. The three types are Animal agricultural insurance, Crop agricultural insurance, and Farm property and equipment agricultural insurance.

Energy and Power Insurance

Cover Upstream, Midstream, and Downstream activities with flexible policies for most types of risks, right from material damage to transportation issues.

Marine Insurance

Shield your ships, cargo, and terminals, and transport from loss or damage with this insurance policy.

Jewellers Block

Protect your jewelry from risks, damage, and loss.

Travel Insurance

Travel without qualms through travel insurance that covers your needs.

How to submit your claim

Click the button below to submit your claim. If you’re having trouble, the Avon team is here to help! Let us know what happened and we’ll take care of the rest. Fill out this form or call 800AVON or 045170000 and a customer service representative will get back to you.

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